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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Arsonella let her two guests inside. The shop had that sickly sweet resin-y smell that seemed to accompany any place that goths frequented.
      "I didn't expect anyone would want to come in this late but I just... had a feeling...?" Arsonella mumbled to herself. What had she even been doing before all this? Hell, what time was it anyway?
      "Don't worry Allison," Thierry whispered, "she is nothing to me. She is just knowledgeable about these matters. She has a website."
      "Why would I care if she was something? Get over yourself, dude. Plus, who doesn't have a fucking website? I have two websites."

In which Claude gives up his nudist ways...  for now.

      "Um, while I will treasure this art always," Arsonella said, "you really expect me to find the most sought-after serial killer in Glenland? At least, sought after by a bunch of nerds? Why would I find him-- and I gotta assume you mean find his ghost because dude would be like over a hundred years old. I mean, I could find THAT. You could just run up behind his walker and--"
      "--YES" Thierry held up a finger, "his ghost. Or, whatever. There's something out there that looks, sounds, and acts like the Clyde Minchin of silly urban legends. I couldn't find him, true, but I didn't really try that hard."
He ignored a cold stare from Allison.
      "--Find him for me, and the gold and the... uh, cute maid shall be yours."
      "Ugh, fine... you're just lucky this is after the Godmas rush, or I'd be making you sort candles. Guess it's time to bust out the catsuit and infiltrate the secret world of the occult. AGAIN. You're a lucky bastard, kid."
      "I know, and I'm still well pleased with the chalice of Cyclops, I keep it on my mantle."

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     December 9th, 2014
     By:  Kelly

Thanks to reader Indea for Allison's masterpiece! <3 Allison & Indea are ever so multi-talented.

Welp I won NaNoWriMo! And... was wiped out for a week. xD I think I got my juice back though, just in time for Crowsmas. Luv u guyz, we should have some more fun and surprises before 2014 withers completely to a rustling husk, too dry even for the maggots of... of... oh damn I can't think of how to continue that tortured metaphor SRY!


       TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(In Arsonella's occult store, Thierry negotiates something with her. Allison scowls at him.)

ARSONELLA: Thierry, oh it’s so weird, I haven’t seen you since that terrible accident... You didn’t call, or write or...

THIERRY: Yeah! Life’s been wild, you know, haha. Anyway, I need a favor.


(Arsonella lays out the terms of her further negotiation, handing confused Allison a card.)

ARSONELLA: OK, but you’re paying for a reading. And I’m not psychic. So I’ll just hand you random cards.
       Ooh you got the seven of pentacles. Lucky! Or... not. I don’t remember.


(At the reading table, cards scattered about, Thierry and Arsonella continue
   the discussion. Allison is intent on drawing, pen and notebook in hand.

ARSONELLA: What’s in it for me? Last time I did you a favor I ended up in the hospital.
       So many stitches. It was awful. Sometimes I still dream of--

THIERRY: Okay okay! Let’s make a deal.


(Thierry describes a deal, and we see the vision he elucidates in panel. It's Arsonella on a chaise longue, pampered
   by demonesses. They are shaped like women, but have fuzzy bodies, bat wings, and Claudesque skull heads.

THIERRY:You know I have connections in the eh... underworld. I could give you beautiful servants to cater to
        your every whim! Bring you food, listen to your every word be adoring lovers. You would be their Queen!


(Arsonella is unimpressed by the offer.)

ARSONELLA: I’m already a Queen and I’m plenty satisfied in bed, let me tell ya.

THIERRY: But you’re not really going to tell me.

ARSONELLA: Nope. If even you can’t do it, this job’s gotta be worth a lot. Get creative!


(Thierry's offers are now visually depicted by Claude in different situations.
        Here he wears sunglasses and drives a sporty convertible.

THIERRY: A cool car?

ARSONELLA: Not after the accident!


(Here Claude stalks the night with an apron, meat cleaver, and sports mask.)

THIERRY: Need any revenge?

ARSONELLA: We take care of that ourselves.


(Claude looks mighty viewed from a low angle, holding aloft a bag of treasure labeled "PHAT LOOT" as it gleams with rays of light.)

THIERRY: Uhhh a big bag of gold coins?


(They seem close to a deal and Allison close to finished with her own project. The last item of negotiation is depicted as Claude in an
    unrealistically sexy maid outfit, looking coquettishly back at us looking up his skirt. Truly, readers, we are lawless bounders.

ARSONELLA: Send a cute girl to clean my house, and it’s a deal!

THIERRY: How cute are we talking?



(The price agreed to, they discuss the service to be rendered.)

ARSONELLA: Alright, so who do you want me to find?

THIERRY: Do you know this name “Clyde Minchin?”

ARSONELLA: Really? ...Really?

THIERRY: Yes...?


(Allison hands Arsonella a piece of paper.)

ALLISON: This should help.

ARSONELLA: Oh! You drew this?


(We see the paper and Allison's depiction of Minchin. She has mad teenage art skills. Check out those abs!)

ALLISON: Yes I did.

ARSONELLA: I like the linework! So expressive.

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